Young Meadows

Young meadows
Hastening their green laps
To fill with golden dandelion and daffodils:
These are fit sights for Spring.
Clarence Chatham Cook


DSCN0178Over time I am developing a series of needle-arts using the ‘fig’ as motif: Fancywork with Fig.  This Indian Fig Cacti is adapted from a quilt pattern.  Instead of using fabrics for the shapes, I used DMC flosses and embroidery and crewel stitches.  This ‘Fancywork with Fig’ series  will develop aspects of the fig using the many needle work techniques: ribbonwork, blackwork, needlepoint, beading, embroidery, crewel, tambour, whitework, etc.  We have many references of the fig in the Bible: fig leaves, the Banyan and Sycamore (fig trees); then we have the fig wasp, figwort flowers, Edward’s Fig Parrot, the fig bettle and more to learn about the fig.

The interest of the fig came to me after reading the book: The Fig Eater by Jody Shields.  The story takes place in Vienna.  A young girl is found dead with a fig enlarged in her throat.  As the plot develops one learns much about the fig.














Indian Fig is a needle work using a variety of stitches and DMC floss.  It is part of a series: Fancywork with Fig.  This series will focus on  crewel, embroidery, beading, ribbonwork, stumpwork, blackwork, etc.  This particular piece is adapted from a quilt pattern, but instead of using fabric multiple crewel and embroidery stitches were used.

What I am also doing here, is learning the up loading of pictures to my blog.










Dandelion Seed Balls and Trees

Dandelion Seed Balls and Trees by Charles Burchfield

DSCN0070This winter, I read a number of books and web sites to learn about perfume, which also includes essential oils, colognes and toilet waters.  One particular book, although fiction, was wonderful for giving a history of how perfume came about and how it was made- Perfume: the Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind.

When I was a child, my mother gave me empty perfume bottles to play with.  She always wore perfume.  She died a number of years ago, and I think of her often- especially how she always smelled so good.  She also was an Avon sales-person and although she didn’t wear many of their scents herself, she gave me many of the little samples.

My quilt guild is having their bi-annual show this October.  In the last show I entered a queen-sized quilt entitled ‘Once I Lived in the Heart of a Pomegranate’.  This quilt won Viewer’s Choice.  I wasn’t even going to enter, but the guild said…what’s a show if no-one enters?  This quilt was part of a many years study of the Pomegranate as it appears throughout the Dewey Decimal System.   It was a subject I  used to learn and illustrate the  many different quilting techniques.   I made 37- 9″ x 12″ art quilts.  Now that I have been studying about perfume, I decided to do a piece illustrating the many flowers, leaves, resins, rinds, barks etc. that are used in the making of perfume.

This quilt will be entered in the Art Quilt category.  I am using a 4 1/2″ hexagon shape for each illustration (flower, leaf, rind, etc.) and a variety of crazy needlework stitches that will include ribbons, beads, paints, etc.

Getting back on track.

Forgot all about the good intentions to write regularly on this blog, not caring if anyone read it.  But, as George Eliot once said, “It’s never to late to be the person you hoped to be.”…so JUST DO IT NOW….WRITE because you want to be a better writer and you never will be unless you write.

Recently my husband and I purchased new iPhones.  This phone is so much fun.  I understand now why we see people of all ages walking around clutching their phone and constantly looking at it.  Just this moment my son in Seattle, WA sent a picture of his family participating in a St. Patrick’s Day race, with a response from my daughter’s family eating their corned-beef and cabbage in Yorktown, Virginia.  Then my two other daughters (one in Huntington, NY and one in Johns Creek, GA) responded to those messages and within seconds we were all a family again.  We live in Pawling, NY  

I say ‘family again’ because as you can see we all live in different places.  Those texts just lifted my spirits!!!   

Yesterday, I received an email alerting me that my WordPress account will expire in a few months.  I was happy to receive this, as it woke me up and now I am back and also made a promise to myself to stick to ‘the plan’: write regularly. 

Now I need to experiment to see if I can post pictures onto the blog from the iPhone.   

Had a few occurances that  kept me away from Dandelionfloss.   First I was busy with a needle-arts project (which I will share shortly); then the computer caught a virus.  I called the fellow who has been our ‘go-to’ guy for computer services, but never heard back from him.  Eventually another technician was located and after a $100.00 fee, all is well.  Then Sandy hit us and we were the lucky ones to only loose our power for 5 days and not the weeks that many others experienced.

Another needle-arts project was started which is  to be a Christmas gift, so that is what I have been up to…but the goal is to get back to the blog to work on my writing skills. 

Oh, yes…when the computer was repaired, something changed for the way I upload pictures from my camera.  Have been working on learning the sharing pictures process.  Computers are wonderful………..but it is aways something!


The awareness of the pomegranate was made vivid to me in 1994, when a patron came to me (I was working the Adult Reference desk at a library on LI.)  He asked me a bible related question which led me to the Bible Concordance: a source for accessing this information.  While scanning the index, my eye caught the word ‘pomegranate’.

It was fall and pomegranates were now available at the supermarket.  I purchased a few.  From that day my affair with the LOVE APPLE began.  I was led to Indexes, Databases, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Catalogs, the Internet, etc., etc. to find information about it.

I reproduced it using numberous mediums: pencils, paints, threads, clay, beads, wire, cookie dought, etc.  I started collecting memorabilia pertaining to it: jewelry, dishes, teapots, fabric, wood carvings, pictures, notepaper, books about…on and on.

In 2000, I learned to quilt.  Of course I collected as many pomegranate patterns I came across and started an applique of a pomegranate that was  be a pillow…that over the years became a queen sized bed quilt.  (There’s more to tell of this at a later date.)

In 2004 I took an Art Quilt workshop.  The size was to be 9″ x 12″ and we could choose whatever motif or subject we desired.  This opened the door for me to put all I had learned about the pomegranate into a format that made it possible to tell its’ story.

What a wonderful journey I have been on, thanks to the gentleman who led me to the Concordance and to the workshop that fertilized (the prime symbol of the pomegranate) my creativity.

Overtime, while  learning the many different quilting techniques, 40- 9″ x 12″  quilts have been completed.  These quilts follow the pomegranate as it appears throughout the Dewey Decimal System: Religion, Mythology, Customs, Botany, Cooking, Medicine, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Literature and history.  They demonstarate a variety of techniques including: piecing, applique, embroidery, crewelwork, beading, painting, photo-transfer, stenciling, etc.

The quilt pictured here is Crazy Quilted.  The yellow is fabric dyed with the rind of the pomegranate and the fan is dyed using the juice from its seeds.  The wording within the fan tells of all the attributes it symbolizes.