This bloodroot was a most exciting find. For some time I have been dyeing cotton, silk and linen (natural fibers) using berries, beets, onionskins, madder root, indigo, apple and pear tree barks, goldenrod, pomegranate seeds and rind, cochineal and tea leaves. These dyed fabrics were then made into small quilts that I use as demos for my lectures on Nature Dyed. When learning about natural dyes, I read about blootroot: a white wild flower that grows in the early spring and its roots contain a dye that will produce a red, orange, yellow or brown color. American Indians used this root for face paint. Until this week, I had not found this plant. It so happened that my husband was helping bring items up from the basement of our local Historical House in town to set up for a tag sale. Another helper mentioned that it was ‘bloodroot’ that was…

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