For over 10 years I kept a journal.  It was filed with mostly: complaining.  Morning pages are what they were called.  The first thing I would do when getting out of bed (besides…you know what) would be to pick up my fountain pen and marble note book.   I filled many note books and have collected lots of empty ink bottles.  For some reason I stopped writing.  Just like that.  Now I wake up and play with my iPhone: 7 Little Words, Scrabble, Facebook, Words w/friends and sometimes a decade of the rosary with my Rosary App. 

Almost a year ago I started this Blog.  Of course I was going to write regularly and develop better writing skills.  So why haven’t I been Blogging? 

JUST DO IT….NOW!  is a favorite motto for me.  It is very helpful: like when I need to clean the bathroom or to do some other chore I don’t like.  I have these words posted by the kitchen sink.  Now that I have said that, maybe when I see my sign, it will remind me to get on to the computer to write.  How will the writing skills get better if I don’t write?