DSCN0178Over time I am developing a series of needle-arts using the ‘fig’ as motif: Fancywork with Fig.  This Indian Fig Cacti is adapted from a quilt pattern.  Instead of using fabrics for the shapes, I used DMC flosses and embroidery and crewel stitches.  This ‘Fancywork with Fig’ series  will develop aspects of the fig using the many needle work techniques: ribbonwork, blackwork, needlepoint, beading, embroidery, crewel, tambour, whitework, etc.  We have many references of the fig in the Bible: fig leaves, the Banyan and Sycamore (fig trees); then we have the fig wasp, figwort flowers, Edward’s Fig Parrot, the fig bettle and more to learn about the fig.

The interest of the fig came to me after reading the book: The Fig Eater by Jody Shields.  The story takes place in Vienna.  A young girl is found dead with a fig enlarged in her throat.  As the plot develops one learns much about the fig.














Indian Fig is a needle work using a variety of stitches and DMC floss.  It is part of a series: Fancywork with Fig.  This series will focus on  crewel, embroidery, beading, ribbonwork, stumpwork, blackwork, etc.  This particular piece is adapted from a quilt pattern, but instead of using fabric multiple crewel and embroidery stitches were used.

What I am also doing here, is learning the up loading of pictures to my blog.