Getting back on track.

Forgot all about the good intentions to write regularly on this blog, not caring if anyone read it.  But, as George Eliot once said, “It’s never to late to be the person you hoped to be.”…so JUST DO IT NOW….WRITE because you want to be a better writer and you never will be unless you write.

Recently my husband and I purchased new iPhones.  This phone is so much fun.  I understand now why we see people of all ages walking around clutching their phone and constantly looking at it.  Just this moment my son in Seattle, WA sent a picture of his family participating in a St. Patrick’s Day race, with a response from my daughter’s family eating their corned-beef and cabbage in Yorktown, Virginia.  Then my two other daughters (one in Huntington, NY and one in Johns Creek, GA) responded to those messages and within seconds we were all a family again.  We live in Pawling, NY  

I say ‘family again’ because as you can see we all live in different places.  Those texts just lifted my spirits!!!   

Yesterday, I received an email alerting me that my WordPress account will expire in a few months.  I was happy to receive this, as it woke me up and now I am back and also made a promise to myself to stick to ‘the plan’: write regularly. 

Now I need to experiment to see if I can post pictures onto the blog from the iPhone.