Had a few occurances that  kept me away from Dandelionfloss.   First I was busy with a needle-arts project (which I will share shortly); then the computer caught a virus.  I called the fellow who has been our ‘go-to’ guy for computer services, but never heard back from him.  Eventually another technician was located and after a $100.00 fee, all is well.  Then Sandy hit us and we were the lucky ones to only loose our power for 5 days and not the weeks that many others experienced.

Another needle-arts project was started which is  to be a Christmas gift, so that is what I have been up to…but the goal is to get back to the blog to work on my writing skills. 

Oh, yes…when the computer was repaired, something changed for the way I upload pictures from my camera.  Have been working on learning the sharing pictures process.  Computers are wonderful………..but it is aways something!