The awareness of the pomegranate was made vivid to me in 1994, when a patron came to me (I was working the Adult Reference desk at a library on LI.)  He asked me a bible related question which led me to the Bible Concordance: a source for accessing this information.  While scanning the index, my eye caught the word ‘pomegranate’.

It was fall and pomegranates were now available at the supermarket.  I purchased a few.  From that day my affair with the LOVE APPLE began.  I was led to Indexes, Databases, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Catalogs, the Internet, etc., etc. to find information about it.

I reproduced it using numberous mediums: pencils, paints, threads, clay, beads, wire, cookie dought, etc.  I started collecting memorabilia pertaining to it: jewelry, dishes, teapots, fabric, wood carvings, pictures, notepaper, books about…on and on.

In 2000, I learned to quilt.  Of course I collected as many pomegranate patterns I came across and started an applique of a pomegranate that was  be a pillow…that over the years became a queen sized bed quilt.  (There’s more to tell of this at a later date.)

In 2004 I took an Art Quilt workshop.  The size was to be 9″ x 12″ and we could choose whatever motif or subject we desired.  This opened the door for me to put all I had learned about the pomegranate into a format that made it possible to tell its’ story.

What a wonderful journey I have been on, thanks to the gentleman who led me to the Concordance and to the workshop that fertilized (the prime symbol of the pomegranate) my creativity.

Overtime, while  learning the many different quilting techniques, 40- 9″ x 12″  quilts have been completed.  These quilts follow the pomegranate as it appears throughout the Dewey Decimal System: Religion, Mythology, Customs, Botany, Cooking, Medicine, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Literature and history.  They demonstarate a variety of techniques including: piecing, applique, embroidery, crewelwork, beading, painting, photo-transfer, stenciling, etc.

The quilt pictured here is Crazy Quilted.  The yellow is fabric dyed with the rind of the pomegranate and the fan is dyed using the juice from its seeds.  The wording within the fan tells of all the attributes it symbolizes.