“My ‘drinking uncle’ says that, even during the worst blizzard in January, a glass of dandelion wine will bring summer right into the house.” 

Euell Gibbons


Dandelion Wine

2 quarts dandelion petals

4 quarts water

2 oranges, cut into small pieces

2 lemons, cut into small pieces

1 cake yeast

3 1/2 pounds sugar

Pick enough flower heads to make 2 quarts after the stems and collars at the ends of the flowers have been snipped off.  Rinse in cool water.

Place petals in a large non-reactive pan, cover with water and boil 20 minutes.

Add the orange and lemon pieces and cool to lukewarm.

Add the yeast and let stand for 48 hours.

Strain mixture through cheese cloth, squeezing to remove all the juice.

Add sugar to the juice and stir well to dissolve.

Pour the liquid into a jug, such as a glass cider jug.   Cover with a lid, but do not screw cap down tightly.

Let the wine stand for about six (6) weeks or until still.  Stain and bottle.  Keep for at least six (6) months before drinking, as this wine improves with age.  Makes about 5 four-fifths wine bottles.


From “The Dandelion”-A wonderful weed with Dozens of Uses” by Marilyn Kluger, The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1977.