The word dandelion comes from the French ‘dent de lion’, or lion’s tooth, so called because of the plant’s sharply indented leaves.


Handwriting has always interested me.  In the first grade I learned the Palmer handwriting method to shape scripted letters using a fountain pen.  In later years I practiced calligraphy using nibbed pens dipped in ink and then a more modern refillable Platignum.

Recently, I came across a book entitled: Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, by Vimala Rodgers.  (I’m not sure if was the handwriting…or the changing your life part that attracted me to the title).  Vimala is an educator, handwriting expert and motivational speaker who has studied writing systems and has developed ‘The Vimala Alphabet’.  Her letters are a script-print combination.  It is neat and simple. 

After practicing her method of forming letters in my workbook, I decided to make a wall hanging that I could look at each day.  This piece is 18″x15″   embroidered with DMC Floss and is surrounded with crazy-quilt style piecing using scraps of a silk-sampling given to me by a friend who runs an upholstery shop.