Roses are red, violets are blue, but they don’t get around like dandelions do. 

Read this poem by Slim Acres in a book entitled The Glory of the Garden.  I had been thinking about starting a ‘blog’ and brainstorming ideas for its name.  What would my blog be about; who would my audience be; would I inspire; would it show ‘how to’, etc?  When I read this poem, I thought about the dandelion: it is a humble, rustic, resilient plant whose leaves provide a tonic of edible vitamins and minerals.   They provide a cheerful bloom, and thrive in the face of adversity.  I wanted to name the blog: DandelionDust to also represent  ‘puffs of inspiration’.  DandelionDust was taken.  Manned with my Roget’s Thesaurus, looking for a word to replace ‘dust’ one word led to another which eventually led to floss:down, fluff, fuzz, eider.  Fluff, just what the dandelion gives off after it has flowered.  So DandelionFloss it is!  I am a needle worker and have stitched with LOTS of DMC floss  over the years. 

As I learn to blog and download pictures, I plan to share information about Quilting, NeedleArts, Beading and Natural Dyeing in an informal way… and ‘get around like dandelions do’!